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    With the new law passed in 2005 in regards to the filing of
    chapter 7 bankruptcy, it became law that anyone filing must
    first get pre-bankruptcy debt counseling.

    The debtor must get counseling and certification from a
    non-profit credit-counseling agency before the forms can be
    filed for your bankruptcy.

    This usually entails one or more counseling sessions and
    when completed, certification so you can proceed with the
    bankruptcy filing.

    There is work you need to do even before you get your
    pre-filing credit counseling certification. There are forms
    you will need to have filled out during your sessions.

    One is the income certification form. This exposes your
    income and includes a fee schedule. There is also a budget
    form that will need to be filled out. It is pretty

    With these forms complete, and your certification now
    complete, you will need the non-profit credit counselor to
    fill out your affidavit and agreement for credit
    counseling. Your attorney, along with a copy of your state
    ID, must also notarize this form.

    All of these forms must be presented to the court clerk
    before you begin to file your bankruptcy paperwork along
    with a notable fee.

    Many companies offer this service not only in their office,
    but also online with one-on-one telephone counseling
    sessions. Once you have completed these steps, you are
    ready to file the paperwork with your bankruptcy court.

    Be prepared though because following the court process,
    there will be another counseling session you must attend.
    This time it is a financial planning session, which will
    help you get back on track to a financially better future.