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    With so many people in society today finding themselves in
    financial trouble more often, the rate of bankruptcy has
    been on the rise.

    The main purpose of bankruptcy is to give honest debtors a
    fresh start, clearing most debts and discharging debtors
    from legal obligations and providing the courts with
    non-exempt assets to be distributed among the creditors.

    Originally a bankruptcy case is started with the filing of
    a petition. This petition declares the debtors financial
    information and states his intent to declare bankruptcy.

    Most individuals, who file for bankruptcy, file a chapter
    7. This is a liquidation bankruptcy. This is where the
    debtor?s non-exempt assets are sold off and distributed on
    the basis or priority amongst the creditors.

    Bankruptcy shouldn?t be the first step though. Many people
    who find themselves in trouble immediately go to

    First talk with your creditors and try to work something
    out. They would rather take payments than deal with the
    paperwork and money that goes into legal action that they
    will need to take.

    Next, speak with a non-profit debt consolidator. Many
    people who think they are deep in trouble are only
    borderline, and with some help and creative financial
    dealings, debts can be paid off without the initiating of a
    bankruptcy case.

    When all else fails, a bankruptcy lawyer should be sought.
    They are experts in the steps that need to be taken from
    filing the paperwork to the court hearing to determine if
    the bankruptcy filing is legit. False filing for bankruptcy
    is a crime and punishable in court.