Yoga Off the Mat ? Aerial Yoga

When many people talk about taking yoga ?off the mat? they are referring to embracing the principles of yoga in your daily life. For example, yoga teaches you to be in the moment and to focus on the present. It also teaches you to be flexible and strong – both mentally and physically. These are […]

Yoga for Babies? Why Babies, and Parents, May Benefit from Doing Yoga

In addition to a number of yoga for babies DVDs, there are a growing number of classes offered at local yoga studios. When a baby can?t stand, you might wonder how they can practice yoga and how it can be beneficial for them. Baby Benefits Yoga Style Babies never stop moving and many of those […]

Yoga and Your Mental Health ? The Surprising Connections

What?s your primary reason for practicing, or considering, yoga? For many people, they?re looking for a way to get in great shape. After all, yoga is known for its ability to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. It aids in weight loss and because there are so many styles of yoga, it?s available to almost everyone […]

Which Yoga Style Is Right for You?

As yoga continues to increase in popularity, new forms of yoga are developed. In many cases, these new forms are combinations of older forms, designed to offer maximum benefit. There are literally dozens of different yoga styles. Here?s a quick guide to help you decide which yoga style is right for you. Calm and Restorative […]

Tips for Avoiding Yoga Injuries

You might think yoga is a foolproof practice. That there?s no way you can get hurt. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Without a bit of proper care and prevention, yoga injuries can be quite common. Protect yourself by learning a few expert pointers. #1 Listen to Your Body Depending on your personality, your yoga instructor, […]

Think You Weigh too Much to Try Yoga? Think Again!

If you?re overweight, it can be difficult to take that first step into any new fitness program. There?s the general assumption that you have to be in shape to exercise. Yet you can?t get in shape unless you exercise. It can be a frustrating circle. With yoga there are no barriers. It is infinitely adaptable […]

Staying Safe while Practicing Yoga

You might be surprised to learn that every year thousands of people end up in the hospital due to yoga injuries. A few simple steps can help you stay safe, avoid the emergency room, and enjoy a safe yoga practice. #1 Start Slowly If you?re new to yoga, be sure to start in a beginner?s […]

Postnatal Yoga

Just had a baby? Congratulations! Consider trying postnatal yoga. It?s a fun way to gradually get your body back into great shape. It can soothe the physical and mental stresses of being a new mom and help your body recuperate from the challenges of delivery. What Is Postnatal Yoga? Postnatal yoga is a yoga style […]

Health Benefits of Yoga

You know that exercise is good for you. You?ve probably heard it a thousand times on television, and maybe your doctor?s told you to get more exercise too. There are few fitness programs that offer broad scope health benefits. Running, for example, strengthens your cardiovascular system and strength training builds muscle. Yoga is one of […]