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    It is good to note that governments around the world are now recognizing the value and nobility of single parenting.

    Single parenting is basically a courageous choice and decision that one without enough courage and bravery is ready to deal with. Experts noted that single parents, almost all of them, had been given the choice or option whether they would get on with the life or not. But they still decided to take on the role against all odds.

    Single parents could have killed the child during pregnancy through abortion, but they had he greater guts and conscience not to do that, which is really commendable.

    The Catholic Church and Rome is advising its people and believers to avoid or prevent the occasions of sins that could lead to single parenthood. But once a person becomes a single parent, the Church is all out on its moral and spiritual support.

    If given the chance, according to one social poll, majority of the population in the United States would not resort to being a single parent. Single parenthood, therefore, is a choice, not a random destiny given to anyone.

    Financial help for single parents

    Financial help or aid is given by the government to any single parent who obviously and direly need financial support. The law recognizes the very hard and very imposing responsibility single parents assume and take, that is why financial help is extended to single parents.

    In that way, the hardships and pressures experienced by single parents are purposely and somehow reduced and alleviated, if not totally eliminated. The morale of the single parent in continually raising the child is also boosted.

    Seeking financial help

    For single parents seeking financial help or support from the government, here are ways and procedures on how to finally secure that much needed financial help or support. To process an application if a single parent seeks financial or money help or support for single parenting, he or she must obtain a form freely available from the local or nearest City Hall.

    The application for financial help forms should be honestly and clearly filled out because the information will have to be verified and will form the basis for approving the financial aid application. No more padding or unnecessary tarnishing of information. Remember, the more honest you become, the better would be the outcome.

    Be advised that while financial help and aid for single parents are available and open to every single parent in the land, qualifications and eligibilities do exist and are set to protect the funds from abusive and money greedy people. Not all single parents are qualified for that, but believe it or not, the provisions are really bright and necessary.

    Take note that financial help and money aids for single parents will not be given to single parents whose salaries and compensation is very huge and more than enough to comfortably and even luxuriously support the child or children. That would be too unfair to those who are basically and already deprived of basic and comfortable living.

    Who are eligible for financial help?

    To qualify for the financial help or assistance provided by the government to single parents, the single parent, above all must be first and foremost divorced.

    Another case for eligibility for financial assistance is when the other significant parent, mom or dad, is already dead, or is seriously injured, disabled or handicapped.

    Other eligibility requirements basically require the financial help applicant to prove that the financial help or support is really and badly needed by the single parent and the child.