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    As a sport or a hobby, mountain biking can be split
    into 9 different categories. These categories are
    very versed in what they offer. They are:

    1. BMX
    BMX is a style where the bikes offer 20 inch wheels.
    These bikes are commonly used at skate parks or
    with dirt jumps. Because of their smaller wheels
    and shorter wheel bases, BMX bikes are much easier
    to perform tricks and stunts with.

    2. Cross country
    This type of mountain biking involves riding your
    bike up and down hills. Although it's the least
    extreme form of mountain biking, most cross country
    riders are very fit and go on long rides.

    3. Cyclo cross
    This is a cross between road and mountain biking.
    These riders have to go over obstacles, cross through
    rivers, and race on and off the course.

    4. Dirt jumping
    Dirt jumping involves jumping the bike over large
    man made dirt jumps then doing tricks while they
    are in the air. These jumps are normally close
    together so riders can go over six or more jumps
    in one run, gaining a flow to give them more
    speed for bigger jumps.

    5. Downhill
    Downhill mountain biking involves racing downhill
    as fast as possible. This type of riding is very
    intense and extreme, offering riders the chance
    for ultimate thrills and excitement.

    6. Freeride
    Free riding involves finding the perfect line down
    the mountain using all of the terrain to express
    yourself. These competitions are very popular,
    as riders can express themselves any way they see

    7. Single speed
    No to be confused with fixed gears, this is a form
    of cross country biking that's done using a bike
    with only one gear and fewer components. The idea
    with single speed is simplicity. The straight
    chain line will provide efficient pedaling, and
    the lack of components mean less mechanical
    problems and a lighter bike.

    8. Street and urban
    This type of riding involves riding in urban areas,
    ledges, and other types of man made obstacles.
    Riders of street and urban biking will do tricks
    as well, such as stalls and grinds.

    9. Trails
    Trials are considered an aspect of mountain biking,
    although the bikes used look nothing like mountain
    bikes. They use 20 or 26 inch wheels and sport
    small, low frames. Trail riders will hop and
    jump their bikes over obstacles, which requires
    an extreme amount of balance and concentration.

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