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    Credit cards are ubiquitous in our lives. There are
    three main types of credit cards that are common in

    They are travel and entertainment cards such as
    American Express or Diners Card. These have to be paid
    in full at the end of the month and are liberal on
    spending limits.

    The second major cards are the bank cards such as
    Master Cards, Visa, GM, and Ford cards sponsored
    mainly by the banks. The bank defines spending limits,
    which in the bank parlance, is known as the credit
    lines, and each offers different terms and conditions.

    Banks offer a choice of payment methods, either pay
    the balance in full with no interest or pay a minimum
    part or some part of the balance with a finance

    The other major type of card is the retail store cards
    such as Sears, J.C. Penney, Shell or Mobil. These
    cards, known in some countries (the ones from gas
    companies) as fuel cards are only accepted in specific
    countries and usually do not have annual fees. There
    is a wide disparity in the terms and conditions for
    the cards.

    Different types of credit cards offer several
    different options, depending on what your needs are.
    Some are geared toward individual consumers, while
    others are set up in ways that work best for small
    business needs. To know what type of credit card fits
    your needs, you should review a few of your options.